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Because the future of work has changed. Because companies are decentralising, work can be done remotely, and communities play a central role in keeping people engaged and progressive.


That, is why we built Nomad Malaysia.


We want to anchor what Subang Jaya already is: a growing, thriving hub where great talents and minds come together to make great work.

About US

When creating this space, we had people like you and your colleagues in mind. Our goal is not only to provide a space for people to accomplish their task, but a space where communities can meet each other and make great things happen. We want this to be a space where Nomads are able to focus on their projects, work and at the same time share their creativity and resources with each other.

We aim to be a space where you and your colleagues and friends can work smart, play hard and create.

Our workspace offers a flexible variety of options, curated with you and your productivity in mind.


Whether you’re an early riser or a nocturnal, a corporate leader, freelancer or even a student –

we’re the working space for you.  Our goal is to provide you with the best facilities to thrive, a supportive environment for growth, and a space to create. 

We welcome you, Nomad!

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